Lockdown is almost over and we all can’t wait to start going out again, or can we? They say that staying in is the new going out and a growing number of people have gotten used to being at home and have used their extra home time to build their own Home Bar, so no rushing out to the local pub for them!

So what do you need to create your own Home Bar, well some space for a start, if inside the house it could be it an unused room or part of your current living space, if outside part of your garage or shed or maybe you want to invest in an outside building/summerhouse. Whichever type of space you have available you can start with as little as a couple of square metres (2m x 1m, or 6’ x 3’ in old money) right up to however big you want or can afford to go.

Right, you’ve decided on your space so the next step is to buy or build you own bar/counter. Building your own is certainly the cheaper option but you do need to be a fairly proficient DIY’er and be able to produce your own design and then work from that. Much better to buy a ready made bar, either from one of our Standard Bar designs or if you have your own ideas then we can help you create your own bespoke design and then build that for you. Bespoke Bar customisation features include:

Suitable for location – Indoor or outdoor

Main Bar Material – Oak, Pine or Sheet Metal

Counter Top – Oak, Pine, Steel, Bottle Lid or Coin Cast

Shape – Straight, Corner, ‘L’ Shaped or ‘U’ Shaped

Size – Small, Medium or Large

Accessories – Armrests, Footrests, LED lighting and Matching Back Panel/Shelving Unit

If space and/or budget is limited or you just want the convenience and mobility then a Flatpack Bar could be the thing for you, available in various sizes and designs these bars can be assembled in minutes and are easily transported.

Some people like to stand/lean at the bar but most prefer to sit, so 2, 3 or 4 Bar Stools are a must. Choose a style, shape and colour that fits with the theme/look of your bar and think about comfort in terms of seat type/padding and height adjustment.

Bar Chairs 2 pcs Black Bent Wood and Faux Leather

Your bar is installed/built so now you’ll need some Bar Equipment, certainly a drinks cooler, either a counter top type or larger undercounter Fridge and maybe an Ice Maker.

To really recreate a pub in your home you will need some form of tap type beer dispenser. These come in various types from the full beer keg and cooler set up through mid size kegerators and smaller mini Keg Dispensers. The type you choose should firstly be based on how much beer you (and your mates) will typically drink as the shelf like of most keg beers (once opened) can vary and is limited. A pressurised keg can last for months but mini kegs (once opened) typically only last a few days. Secondary consideration is how much you will be prepared to pay for (and time you will be prepared to spend on cleaning and maintaining) the system.

Mini Kegs are ideal for parties, nights in with the lads or to cover your weekend drinking, I.e. when you are likely to drink the whole keg. If your not a regular beer drinker but want the occasional tap dispensed beer then a small capacity Beer Tower is ideal, just fill from bottles/cans and pour at your leisure. Great for sitting down in front of the TV to watch some footy, just fill up the dispenser at the beginning of the match and don’t miss a second.


No bar would be complete without an array of Bar Accessories, some essential for a fully functioning and authentic bar and some just ‘nice to haves’. You’ll certainly need a wall mounted or underbar bottle opener, spirit bottle holders c/w dispensers/optics and glass hangers. Other must have accessories include drip trays, bar mats/runners, ice boxes, ice crushers, cocktail making tools, etc, etc.


Every bar counter needs at least one Bar Runner/Mat to soak up/catch all the pouring and drinking spillage! Choose an eve catching colourful branded rubber runner or go for a plainer basic black mat, or, for a touch of class a wooden or stainless steel framed mat looks great. Another option is a personalised mat, add a name, place and witty message for something unique and special.

Now that you have your fully functioning, accessorised and decorated bar you can move onto to the wider area of your space. We’re now getting into serious Man Cave/Games Room territory, the first think to consider is your theme, it could be sports, music, gaming or just a mix of what you like. Adorn you walls with Signs, Pictures, Banners, Animal Busts or inspirational/funny Wall Decals.

Enrich your space with art objects, Statuettes, Sports/Music Memorabilia, displayed on standard or bespoke Shelving or Display Cabinets.

Use Artificial Plants (real if you have green fingers and the patience to water and look after them and are not restricted by a dark/dimly lit space) to enhance the ambiance of the room.

If your home bar is part of your games room then a Pool Table is a must, add a Dart Board and Football Table and you won’t know what to play first. Or if you prefer a more leisurely games activities try an Arcade Games console/coffee table.

vidaXL Football Table Steel 60 kg 140×74.5×87.5 cm Brown

Your might prefer to sit down for a session of poker with your like minded friends so a Poker Table and set of casino grade Poker Chips are all you require to start the Texas Hold’em action.

vidaXL 10-Player Poker Table with Dealer Area and Chip Tray Blue
Poker Set with 1000 Chips Aluminium
vidaXL 9-Player Folding Poker Table 3 Fold Oval Green

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or not you’ll need a Wine Rack of some capacity, be if for a single special bottle of red or a whole case and if it’s white or rose you prefer then a Wine Cooler will keep your tipple at the perfect drinking temperature. When it’s time to open your bottle you’ll need a Cork Screw (don’t try it with a screw cap!!) and a wine glass from your wine Glass Holder.

Wine Rack for 25 Bottles Solid Walnut Wood 63x25x73 cm

If it’s spirits and fruit and all things colourful you prefer then we have all the necessary bar ware you’ll need to make the perfect cocktail, from complete cocktail making sets to Individual Bar Tools. Choose a recipe or make up your own, and don’t forget the ice, crushed, Spherical or Skull Shaped, we’ve got them all covered, including ice Shotglass Moulds should the neat stuff be your preference.

You will need a TV somewhere in your Home Bar/Man Cave default tuned to Sky Sports of course. Wall mounted behind your bar maybe or placed on a unique eye catching and practical TV Console for eye level lounging in a comfortable Recliner/Arm Chair.

TV Cabinet 120x30x75 cm Solid Reclaimed Wood
Relaxing Armchair Brown Real Leather

Lighting and Illuminated Signs can add a special atmosphere to your space and can set the mood from subtly darkly lit right up to disco flashing mayhem! Hanging pendant lights or wall lights can not only help to illuminate the general space but can be a focal point in themselves and can be used for lighting specific areas or items of interest. Also the type of light can be adjusted depending on the type and brightness of the light source (Neon/LED/Bulb/Filament) used. Illuminated Signs will add a further touch of class and can be used to further enhance the ambience and look of your Man Cave or Home Bar.

Who needs to know the time when your enjoying the company of friends and family but it has to end some time so a Clock to tell you when it’s drinking up time for your mates and a Last Orders Bell to alert them to fill up their glasses one more time for the night both help to recreate the late night ambiance of your local pub.

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