I have a dream

I always had a dream of building my own mini pub at the bottom of my garden (Mike Price, if you’re out there somewhere, I still haven’t built it!), a miniature sized cottage, a single room with not much more than a bar and open fire inside with space for 3 or 4 people, all the pub paraphernalia and a pub sign outside. It would be called “The Camel” since my house stands on the site of a long-gone former pub of that name.

More of a ‘man pub’ than a man cave, but still my own man sanctuary where I can retreat for a crafty beer and chill-out to the strains of Delius, Dean Martin or David Bowie, or invite family and friends (I do have a few) round, not that they would all fit inside my pub (my friends would), but they could spill out into my pub garden.

Of course, a dream does not always consider the practicalities of such ambition, like the probable need for planning permission, the cost, connecting utilities and last but not least, according to my better half (what does she know, everything apparently) it being an “eyesore”!

Well “if you don’t shoot for the stars you won’t land on the moon” and my moon is my Gazebo. It started out as a pergola but some years later with the addition of a tiled roof, some bamboo screening, a TV, mini fridge and fire pit it’s now my chill-out place, more of a family cave than a man cave, and not much use in the winter, but I’m getting there and who knows (Rodney) this time next year…..


Man Sanctuary