Man Cave or Man Sanctuary?

The fashion of constructing a separate room or private space, for exclusive male use within the home or outbuilding, commonly known as a ‘man cave‘, has gathered in pace over the past few years, with an estimated 60%+ of males now having some form of ‘man cave’.

The generic term ‘man cave’ is generally used as a name for a room that is personalized and used by the man of the house, but there are other varying types of spaces/areas that can be used by the male to de-stress, unwind and get away from household pressures or as a private space for relaxation with friends. As such we prefer to use the term ‘man sanctuary’ as a more fitting all-encompassing name for this genre of spaces/places which also captures the sometimes solitary and contemplative nature of the space.

A man sanctuary could be room within the house (spare room, redundant kids room, attic, cellar/basement, study, etc) or a section of a room (bar in the dining or living room, corner of a room dedicated to gaming & TV, etc). Alternatively it could be a re-purposed garage (who keeps their car in their garage nowadays?) garden shed or greenhouse, or an ouside bar or gazebo/summerhouse.

Man Sanctuary