New Draught Beer Dispensers & Kegs Affiliation Announcement


Man Sanctuary is pleased to announce a new affiliation with National Mobile Bars to enhance our portfolio of products to include a range of draught beer (cider & wine) dispensers and kegs.


Draught Beer Tap Dispensers

PortaPint Draught keg dispensers, serve ice cold beer straight from the keg within a few minutes. Designed in Great Britain, assembled in Europe.

Lindr draught drinks dispensers offer a range of single, double and triple tap systems for dispensing drinks from kegs. Using dry cooling technology along with a built in air compressor system, Lindr dispensers are the perfect partner for Keykegs!

Beer Cider and Wine Kegs

Available from stock are a range of Polykegs and Keykegs. These work best with the PortaPint and Lindr beer dispensers when using the built in air compressor without the need for gas.


For more information on the complete product range and to place an order please click on the following link:

Man Sanctuary